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We specialize in custom tattoo designs of all

styles and sizes.



Bring us your own design,

or choose from our collection of tattoo flash.


We've got thousands of designs ready to be tattooed.


Lucky Dragon Tattoo is a neighborhood tattoo shop located in Seattle, WA. We've been in business for over 15 years and our artists have over 25 years of tattooing experience. We have a stellar reputation for providing high quality tattoos, and our tattoos are known throughout the world. 

Our goal at Lucky Dragon Tattoo is for every customer to get the best tattoo that we can give them. Whether you're seeking your first tattoo or your next piece, we're here to serve you. With our expertise, our artists can help guide you to the tattoo of your dreams.

Our artists are some of the best in Seattle, specializing in all styles of tattooing including Japanese, American Traditional, black and gray, fine line, and more.

For questions about appointments, consultations, and pricing, please read the FAQ.

Lucky Dragon Tattoo Seattle, WA
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